(About the title - I wasn't sure how PLISSE is pronounced?! It might well be pliss-ay (lol) but I have intended it to be read otherwise, because puns are the best. Glad we cleared that up.)  

I gave in. I got the trousers/culottes that everybody has been wearing for the last 6 months. 

I’M SUCH A SHEEP. For flocks sake. 

oooooh action shot!
the sass is real.
(There are slightly more photos of myself today because I used a different setting on my SLR and I was feelin' myself... I ain't sorry.)

Tie-up sweatshirt - Zara
Plisse Pleat Trousers - Topshop
Penny Loafers - Zara

I remember trying on a silver pair of these pantaloons aaaaages ago and saying to myself “I WILL BUY THESE ON PAYDAY” and I cannot for the life of me remember why I didn’t? 

Its a tricky material to get on with you see, therefore I have devised a “for and against” list if you were umming and ahhing like me. 

The pro’s of the pants are:
  • lightweight and airy 
  • So comfortable 
  • Vertical lines are supposed to work wonders for the figure, I believe elongate is the word?! 
  • high waisted - my go to
  • they come in so many pretty colours
The cons of the culottes are:
  • tis a very clingy fabric I believe - I was a little apprehensive of wearing them without anything over my pot belleh. (Yes I know I’m supposed to love myself. But even Superman has his kryptonite!)

Words of wisdom over. I’m sure you can make up your own mind about these. 
‘Do I wait the 3-5 days delivery or just hurry to the nearest store?’

Only you know the limits of your patience. 


P.s. look at me wearing loafers. 
Michael Jackson is the answer. 
I can’t help but feel like a smooth criminal when I wear them… 
Stopping now. 


  1. Haha your writing style is hilarious, "even Superman has his kryptonite" - love it and so true.

    The plisse (I think it is pronounced pliss-ay but oh well, I enjoyed the pun) trousers really suit you and I think you've styled them really nicely, 10/10 all round. x


  2. Ange Lord24.10.16

    I bought some similar trousers in zara this weekend so surely they must be in vogue still!!!' ��


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