Last Minute Valentines Cards

An easy way to impress someone this Valentines is to make them a card. 1, because its more personal and 2, because it costs less! (If you have all that you need beforehand - which, as a crafty wizard, I do)

All I needed was a pack of sharpies, some card and paper, luckily I bought the metallic pack recently too, so they came in handy. 

So with a little Pinspiration (Pinterest is genius.
and a few practices of each design. Bobs ya uncle! 

These two required some patterned paper I had collected over the years and some glue to stick all the pieces together but still, so simple!

Lastly another food pun, because puns are THE BEST.

So if you have a spare 5 minutes, scroll through pinterest for inspiration or even just google "valentines cards" and I'm sure your friends or significant others will be impressed! 

Hope you like my little creations.