So I haven’t posted about music in a while and its usually about the actual music video, BUT, I have just come across this song via twitter and its a proper cheese ball girl anthem. AMAZING. 

To describe ‘Love Myself’ as a song, would be to say that it is pretty much what it says on the tin. However, I mean this in the refreshing sense, not the bitchy and snotty way. Powerful lines such as “Gonna love myself, no, I don’t need anybody else” repeated throughout the chorus and one liners like “I’m gonna put my body first” scream empowerment, compared to the whinging and whining about heartbreak which we all love to love. Don’t deny it. 

I heard Hailee Steinfeld sing when I watched her in Begin Again and Pitch Perfect 2 and I wondered if she would ever integrate into the music world more than just a musical or two. NOW HERE SHE IS! 

So here is the audio for “Love Myself”, I know its clichĂ© and not intensely deep and soul-touching, but you know what, its a catchy song and makes you feel good! NOTHIN WRONG WITH THAT. 

Enjoy mes petit pois.