Wedding Wednesday

This year I am lucky enough to have been invited to two weddings! In two weeks! Having only been to two before, excited was an understatement. Not just for the fact that friends and family are celebrating their love together (EWW LOVE) and everyone has a good old knees up *said in best cockney accent* and last but certainly not least NEW OUTFITS

On that note I thought to myself, there must be others like me with weddings or any other special occasion to attend this summer, who have nothing to wear? Therefore I must help them! I also thought I would share my ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ because you wouldn't want to look inappropriate now would you?!

First on my list is kind of a no brainer, don’t wear white. I actually wore white to both the weddings I went to when I was younger, but lets not judge, I was young and naive! 

So I would try to avoid cream and the surrounding shades because you don’t want to upstage the bride or even be mistaken for her! This rule of course is not always the case, due to some weddings having a theme and/or dress code but theres always an exception to the rule right?

Secondly in regard to colour, black is acceptable, but who really wants to wear black anyway? Colour is where its at! 

Thirdly, you don’t have to wear a dress! Do mix it up with wide-leg trousers are right on trend at the mo, no matter what the length, you could even wear Co-ords. Jumpsuits and Playsuits are always acceptable too, especially those with an interesting cut and style. 

Now just for a personal opinion and tip, florals always go down well. In fact, any print at all! Block colours are nice when you style them right, but why not wow with a sassy little flowery number! 

So, I have been scouring the internet since January for my outfits, and found this amazing maxi dress from ASOS.
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I wore this for the first wedding. Its colourful, summery and appropriate for all ages I would say! However, of course I needed another outfit, as I couldn’t possibly wear the same thing.

I decided to go for a similar style as I was comfortable and like the one before, however a change of colour and pattern was completely necessary. The dress below is the second one I chose and I think its pretty fabulous and I feel like a princess in it! Just like every girl should in a dress!
(image courtesy of
Myself, Ella and Ellen on the day! (Sorry for the bad quality, the picture was taken with an iPhone

I picked up some white and cork wedges from Primark which go perfectly with both my dresses and a white batwing cardigan for the chilly evenings, because white accessories are acceptable and versatile! But I have decided to leave it up to you to accessorise so you can put your own personal style to your outfit. 

I have gathered together a few more outfits which should wow your fellow guests and will hopefully inspire your shopping.
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(image courtesy of

Happy wedding dressing guys!