Dressing with Flare

The question has been on my mind for a while now and I thought I should share it with everyone as part of my new post content resolution. 

To flare or not to flare? 

With the seventies style being centre focus of the fashion world right now, the bohemian, hippy vibes are back withOUT a vengeance and with nothing but peace and love. Personally, I am all for them. Alas it seems everyone around me is saying no. Males and females alike all disagree. Except a few minorities which when shown an outfit post, will they then be swayed, but it seems to be only by a certain type of flared trouser.

I think the issue lies within the term ‘flares’ and we can’t help but think of our fashion faux past. 

One of the worst styling moments in my fashion history, had to be wearing my baby-pink... corduroy... FLARED... dungarees. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them at the time. But looking back, I can see the fear of the trend going down that hideous path once again. However, I think if they are styled properly they are coming back as hot as the pyrotechnic! 

So I am massively in need, yes need, of a pair, whether it be jersey or denim. See below the sacredly sassy pair I have my eyes on right now. Amazing yes? ...No?

I think the wide leg, palazzo pant is the flared trouser that everyone is comfortable with right now and also a hot piece to have in your wardrobe, but I have flare fever and bell bottom bravery is on my brain. Therefore its a yes from me. 

As I know mine are quite "out-there" check out these safer styles here...

ASOS High Waist Jersey Flares (Image courtesy of ASOS)

Glamorous Tall Striped Wide Leg Culottes (Image courtesy of ASOS) 

What do you think?

Stay in the seventies? or succumb to flare fever?