I have the worst nails, I hate their shape and they are so thin and bendy, especially from getting Acrylics which is so damaging! Today I was in desperate need of some new products, because as you can imagine, living in a house with 7 girls, things get borrowed, used, lost and forgotten about. So here is what I got and why! 

I had run out of polish remover and decided to get this one as Sally Hansen is such a trusted brand and it claims to strengthen soft and thin nails, which is exactly what I need! i decided to get a new buffer as mine is worn due to over buffing and attempting to rescue my nails from falsies damage! To top it off I bought some emery boards to file down and shape, as mine are always getting lost, I like to think they go to the same location that hair grips and bands get lost to!

As you can see, most of the nail varnishes are from Rimmel, and thats because I find the wider brush so much easier to use and the colours are my favourite too. (Especially Rita Ora's range!) I decided to go for another white as my last one has pretty much run out! Two different shades of blue for night and day, depending on how I’m feeling of course, and a black cherry for a flirty nighttime look! Then I spotted this matte topcoat from BarryM and knew I had to snap it up! Finally the Double Duty by Sally Hansen was recommended to me by a friend and it is genius, it helps strengthen my nails as a base and works wonders for chipping as a topcoat! 

So these are my nail purchases! Hope this has inspired you in brightening up your finger scales for winter! (Yes, I did just call them finger scales!)