Primark Haul

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, I have been busy planning my holiday next week and have been busy shopping and working! I thought I’d share with you my latest finds from Primark as they have some amazing things in at the moment and I have always been a bargain hunter! My friends always ask me how I find all the best stuff and its because I’m that girl that you will see in the store being swallowed by the rails in a furious rummage and on my hands and kneed determined to find my size in the shoe section! (I actually did this for one pair of these sandals!)

So I found these amazing Birkenstock dupes in both black and white and have been after them for quite a while now. I was so near to buying the reasonably priced £20 pair from Topshop and then as I was browsing through my favourite blogs I noticed someone had a pair from Primark which was a result! At only £5 each these sliders are the perfect thing for wearing by the pool and even just slipping on to pop out this summer. I am also one of those people who like to have the same item of clothing or accessory in the same colour and being so cheap! Why wouldn’t I buy both!?

As for the jewellery, Primark are doing so well with all the little midi rings and I love silver at the moment! I bought a pack of 4 midi and a pack of 5 normal ones which were patterned and one had an elephant on it! A must buy! The little bracelets came in a pack and I thought were so sweet so I had to have them! The two big rings I bought separately and I wear them all the time as I like to think they give a boho edge to my look. 

Next the white pinstripe baseball jersey is something I have also been after for a while now and I was delighted to see a version in the store. I also bought this because it would work as a perfect cardigan or throw on over a bikini by the pool! I love it and it nails the monochrome trend too!

The two lace vests I bought in a couple of sizes too big so I could throw them over a bikini or a bandeau dress for the evening and of course I had to get one in both colours! 

Lastly the little black bag was actually labelled as a camera bag but I think its perfect for a little cross-body/shoulder bag for the daytime and the evening and is the perfect size to keep all the necessary essentials in! 

Hope you like my bargains! All in all I think they came to around £30 altogether! Not bad eh!


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