DIY : Flower Crown

So I have been meaning to make one of these for a while now. I've seen many on the high street but because I have a rather large amount of hair or just a big head all of them are too small and being a student most of them are quite expensive so I thought I would make my own! 
I started by collecting the flowers I wanted from my local fabric shop, I chose white roses and calla lilies because they would go with my purple hair best. I also bought a metre of elastic wide enough to support the flowers and because most average head circumferences are 55cm whereas mine is more around the 60cm bracket. 

The roses came with pins on the back and the lilies were structured with wire which are both easy for fastening and they are quite stiff so they will not flop down and stay in place easier. The roses were around £1 each, the lilies came in a set of 6 for £1.50 and the metre of elastic cost just under a pound which is all really good value considering most flower crowns cost around £15-20 pounds. 

I started by poking a hole through the elastic with the end of one of the lilies and winding the wire stem around the elastic, this secures the lily in place and also gives the band itself some stiffness and structure to mould around your head. I then pinned the roses in place next to the lily and alternated between the two around the elastic until I had covered most of it. 
I then secured the flowers in place with a needle and thread, just at the places where they weren't secure and to make sure they stayed in place and wouldn't fall off. Then all that was left was to tie it round my head in the desired place and to the desired fit and that was it! In a few easy steps! I even had a few flowers left over! 
I hope you like it and have a go at making your own! Let me know what you think and if you have any questions just leave a comment below! 


  1. Looking gorgeous & great idea! Have to try it for the upcomming festival season!
    THX for sharing dear. Glad to discover your blog.
    Lena / Skinnycature
    Please give me your heart as ASOS FF nominee ;-)


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