Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I’ve been so busy with my dissertation and uni choices that I just haven’t had time to post! 

So on Friday the 16th my housemates and I decided to throw a Disney party for our friend Alice’s 21st birthday as most of us are massive fans! So we all decided are roles and put a lot of effort into our outfits, more than usual for uni students! Anyway, I decided to go all the way and experienced my first spray tan as my role of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Hope you like all our costumes and I will specify who was who below! Also please excuse the mess in the background! It was a party after all! 

Jasmine - Me! 
Snow White - Alice (the birthday girl!)
Alice in Wonderland - Hayley
Esmerelda - Drue
Ariel - Charlotte! (Check out her blog on life and style here!
Mulan - Becky
Incredibles - Jess
Belle - Rachel

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