Beauty Haul May 2014

So, being a student, its around this time in which I got my loan and luckily I have just run out of my essential products which I decided to top up on and then a few which I wanted to treat myself to! I thought I’d share this with all of you to see if you have tried them or have the same and give my opinion on how they all suit me. 

In Boots this week they are doing a 3 for 2 on loads of products, so get down their and collect loads of points and essentials!

My skin is prone to breakouts and isn’t too great to be honest and I had run out of the facial cleanser which I always use (with the simple facial toner afterwards too). I also got a face mask and scrub too because I was on the lookout for both and thought who better to go with than Simple! Their products make my skin feel so fresh and after one use of the scrub my skin felt much softer than usual. I will let you know my results after using the products for a few weeks but I believe good things are on the horizon. 

Garnier BB Cream 
This is the product I use for my base and its for ‘combination to oily skin’ as I always seem to have a greasy sheen across my forehead and chin. I love the feel of this and have been wearing it for about 6 months now. It goes on really smooth and it is really light. I prefer this to a foundation as it is always too heavy for my skin. This is so quick and easy to put on and I love it!

The Porefessional
I thought seeing as my loan had come in I had to get this, it will probably be on my list of essentials from now on as well. The Porefessional by Benefit is truly amazing. The silkiness of the product as it goes onto your face is amazing, it feels so smooth and really does hide all your visible pores. I love this product and use it either as a primer or cover up (for my pores, not concealer) and its wonderful. 

Green Concealer
In the little white lipstick shape case is this little wonder from Natural Collection and its amazing. As I’ve always got a shiner on my forehead or chin, the green tones in the concealer cancel out the redness of the blemishes and cover them up better. I use it underneath my primer sometimes or on top of my base coat and underneath my other concealer for the best results. 

Models Own
Next I bought a new foundation brush as mine was falling to pieces and moulting all over my face each day and these neon bright tweezers so I will never lose them again. The brush is so soft and the tweezers give good grip. Such a good buy and I love the orange. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo
This smells amazing, I loved the print on the canister and the fact its called Oriental really drew me in because my friends and I have an ongoing joke about me being from Asia (I’m not) so I thought it would be funny to get. Batiste dry shampoos work so well and I’ll definitely be keeping this for festivals this summer! 

L'oreal Powder 
Now for probably my most essential piece in my make-up bag. My BB powder. I mentioned earlier that I tend to have a greasy sheen on my face due to oily skin. This comes with me everywhere. It is so light and covers up so well and also comes with a compact mirror and applicator sponge! It is probably the best powder I have used and is definitely worth a buy. 

Kate Moss Lipstick
Next is my new lipstick from Kate Moss for Rimmel London in its fabulous red tube. I have two of these already and a few more from Rimmel so its a trusted product from me. I love the matte finish these give and I already have a dark red but I wanted a more orangey coloured one for summer so I chose this shade and I love it. I will post a couple of looks with it featured soon, I hope you like it too! 

Eyebrow Kit
My new eyebrow kit from Collection 2000, now I’m a bit skeptical about this as I have tried out many eyebrow kits and none of them seem to suit me so I’m doing my rounds and this one was next. I shall let you all know how I get on. 

Nail Varnish 
Lastly are my three little treats, new nail varnish! I chose these 3 from Rimmel and Bourjois because of the brushes. They all have wider brushes than other brands and are so much easier to applicate and they give a nice finish. I chose to get white as I know they are trending and I wanted to check out Rita Ora’s new collection so why not do both at the same time. I have used this already (I was too excited!) and it is really good, it goes opaque in just two coats! Next I chose the blue because I have been wearing a lot of this colour recently and wanted to match! The pink was chosen because I love the pale colour and it is quite nude like, but thinking about it now, I have been wearing a lot of this colour too! Watch out for matchy matchy clothes and nails on me from now on!

Well done if you managed to read this! I know it is a lot! Haha but these are all my opinions on the brands and products. Comment below if you use the same or want to know more about what I think about a product. Message me if you want to review one of your products and I shall get back to you.