So I have only recently found out about Unidays and oh my! How did I not realise what I was missing! I took full advantage of the 20% off and bought some new bits! 

I saw this pink acid wash denim jacket in the ASOS magazine which is delivered every month and which I also view online on my iPad! I knew I had to have it, I love the oversize look and pink is definitely my favourite colour to wear at the moment!

I have wanted a short sleeve boxy shirt for a while now and with 20% off I grabbed the opportunity and I love it! 

So recently you may have spotted me in my new white heeled Juju jellies (see this look!) and I loved them so much I spotted these on ASOS and they were reduced (by ALOT) so I had to get them in pink! MORE PINK!? (I know… its an obsession I just can’t deny.)

Finally I have seen these about and I never liked one as much as I do this one. I saw it and instantly thought “Khaleesi!” (If you aren’t a Game of Thrones fan, which you should be, then you won’t understand) It reminded me of the dragons and I added it to my bag instantly! I love it! It is an earring and a cuff so it stays on your ear all day, and doesn’t slip off like all the other ear cuffs I have had!