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Happy Humpday Angelfaces!
I thought I’d share with you a few little anecdotes today, all focused around me being a right old klutz.

Starting with everyones favourite subject. Broken bones. I’ve fractured a fair few. Four to be exact. My arm and elbow when I was a little one, both the fault of brothers, thanks lads. One tooth knocked out by the elder aswell. Cheers for making all my school pictures gappy until I was 10.
But the other two broken bones, my wrist and foot. That was aaaalll me. Classic clumsy Liv.
First of all the foot...  It happened 10 minutes after arriving at our little bungalow in Bracklesham Bay. My Dad knows how to holiday amiright?! I got so excited at the thought of the back gate opening onto the beach that I ran down the garden, tripped on a molehill and heard a big old snap. (Soz. Gross.) Broke a metatarsal didn’t I. Spent the rest of the week on crutches!
Secondly the wrist, I tell this story all the time, so apologies to those who have heard it already! Of co…

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