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The Perfect Girl

I'm back and I've got beef.
I'm thinking this could a bit of a rant today sass kings and queens. Hold on to your hats. 
As the weather is slowly getting warmer (still pretty wet tho cheers England!) we are known for getting a little bit more skin out and in turn exposing ourselves, in more ways than one...

Let's start with a grim subject, get it out the way nice and quick?! Sweat.WE ALL DO IT PEOPLES. Perspiration for the nation. For me this means absolutely no grey to be worn out of the house. A light grey marl is the most obvious for those underarm patches, and I just don't have time to be standing under a hand-dryer to sort myself out!
Also, sweat + make-up = curdled face. Not a good look and quite frankly unavoidable, yeah I know we have these 'setting sprays' now, but do they really work? Why can't everything stay in place all day?
Second of all, body hair. As you can probably tell, I have a lot of hair on my head. And I'm not saying I have a …

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