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Alright honeys! 
Its finally here. The moment we've all been waiting for. 
The images of me wearing the jumper. You know the one. 

I bloody loved this jumper on the website and again when I saw it on the hanger. However, when I put it on, I look like I belong on a bloody American football team or like Im buzzing around the hive, (obvs I'm Queen Bee) I mean?! The analogies are endless.
However after coming up with many an idea on how to style the broad shoulder/starship enterprise look. It just wasn't working out. So what do we do when we're at our wits end? (tongue twister always intended) TURN TO THE GALS. 
I bloody love talking about clothes, fashion and styling with my friends. Call me materialistic, superficial, whatever. Swapping items on your saved list and sharing my shopping baskets is the best! Planning outfits for events, boots or trainers? Tucked in, tucked out? OOH I LOVE IT. 
We went with the classic hair tie round the back. I…

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