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Borrowing from your Bestie

I love it when my friends have just been on a spending spree, I'm always keen for them to put on a mini fashion show, like a real life haul in our living rooms.

Of course like every girl, its the shopping element of it all but most of all its seeing if they've bought something that you can wear too!

Back at uni, my wardrobe was a haven for big cosy jumpers, t-shirts, bags, jewellery, you name it. The girls were always popping in to borrow something, only I couldn’t do it back as much due to being a bigger size!
I wasn't able to squeeze into their little dresses and it used to frustrate me.However, our styles were so different, half their clothes wouldn't suit me so I didn’t really mind! Even now all the girls at home are smaller than me so I cant swap as much as I like, but what I can pinch from them. I DO!
Baggy jumpers are the best to borrow, because they fit everyone! No matter what size you are, AND they are the cosiest. As soon as I sa…

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