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The Hangover

A lot of the time when it comes to writing, I can hit a bit of a wall, I don’t want to write about something for too long, repeat myself or just be uninteresting. So some of the best advice I’ve heard is that you should write about what you know…? Well, it’s Saturday night. I’m having a night in after a bit of a mad one last night, and all day I have been a bit of a mess. So here we are, I’m going to talk you through the hangover. It’s definitely something I know very well.
First things first, if you didn’t know, I love a cheeky tipple. However, I always tell myself its just for 1 and funnily enough last night did actually end up being 1 beer… aaaand 6 glasses of pink wine, aaaand 2 baby Guinness aaaand god knows what else. I am so easily led astray.
Also, recently I have found myself to be a bit of a lightweight. Moral of the story kids. Eat something before you have a beverage. It helps.

So naturally today I woke up with classic Stage 1 of the big ordeal, gasping for a gallon of water. …

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