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Fussy Fashion

Alright Lads and Ladies!
Whaddya think of the new do? VERY short isn't it! My hairdresser told me when I was younger that I wasn't allowed to chop it above my shoulders. WELL LOOK AT ME NOW. I do miss my long hair from time to time, it was a bit of a security blanket tbh but theres no going back now!
Anyway back to the point of my post. Being fussy. Does anyone have those little niggly rules with fashion that you absolutely swear by, but they drive you up the bloody wall?!

First things first is my jewellery. Now I think this was one of my new years resolutions and I am trying to overcome it but it still itches the back of my brain. Mixing gold and silver. The only thing that doesn't bother me is if my nose ring clashes. However my necklace is gold in this post and my bag chain is silver! Ayyyy look at me go. Told you I was overcoming it!
Secondly my boots. I had to order them, they match my hair (which I suppose  is kind of a thing I do now?!) and I wanted another pair of…

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